Photography focussed on the visualization of architecture. Dedicated to find the „language“ and the „meaning“ of a construction.

  • Kö-Bogen

    Architect: Daniel Libeskind - Opened 2013
    Commercial complex hosting outstanding brands
    Architecture photography - final thesis at PFSÖ
  • Exclusive Villa

    Exclusive Architecture and Realization of a Villa at the Costa Brava, Spain
    Entire wooden structure supporting a low energy house
    Architecture photography derived from a virtual tour to the villa
  • Under Construction

    Construction of a commercial showroom
    Documentation of the project
    Construction and architecture photography reportage
  • Studio Weil

    Architecture by Daniel Libeskind, completed 2003
    Designed as exhibition and working space for Barbara Weil
    Architecture photography - final thesis for PFSÖ
  • Felix-Nussbaum-Haus

    Architect: Daniel Libeskind, completed 1998, extended 2011
    Museum dedicated to the oeuvre of the artist, Osnabrück, Germany
    Architecture Photography - final thesis for PFSÖ