Photography of art pieces and reproduction of paintings/drawings. Furthermore photo series on spaces like galleries and museums.

  • Studio Weil

    Architecture by Daniel Libeskind, completed 2003
    Designed as exhibition and working space for Barbara Weil
    Architecture photography - final thesis for PFSÖ
  • Felix-Nussbaum-Haus

    Architect: Daniel Libeskind, completed 1998, extended 2011
    Museum dedicated to the oeuvre of the artist, Osnabrück, Germany
    Architecture Photography - final thesis for PFSÖ
  • Udaeta

    Alberto de Udaeta is a contemporary sculptor
    He applies traditional techniques to materials like iron, corten steel and bronze.
    Photos for online presentations and catalogs
  • Heinrich Neuy catalogue raisonné

    Heinrich Neuy, Artist, representative of the Bauhaus art and design
    Dedicated museum in Steinfurt/Borghorst, Germany
    Art reproduction photography of artwork for a catalogue raisonné
  • Mobile studio coming to you

    A mobile photo studio for working on your site
    Reduce risk and cost of transport of your artwork
    Photographic reproduction - experience and quality
  • Open Art Galerie

    Contemporary art focused on german and spanish artists
    Long lasting cooperation for the generation of virtual tours
    Photo series demonstrates the option of generating photos from virtual tours